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Rogue Islands

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Game Information

Available on:PCSep 12, 2017

Developers: Blue Sock Studios, Big Fat Alien

Publisher: Keystone Games

Genre: Adventure

If you think this is Minecraft, think again!

Described as the ultimate first person fantasy shooter, Rogue Islands is an exhilarating battle for survival against the forces of darkness. Battle your way through relentless waves of foes, from fire breathing dragons to deadly encounters with demons and the Lords of Torment!

In a game that constantly adapts itself to your skill level, the challenge never ends as you battle through forests, dark caves, mountains and even the depths of the ocean, all procedurally generated around your current player level as you fight for survival.

Craft magic spells, search under the oceans to find Gurgleweed to boost your health and brew life saving potions to stay one step ahead of the demon hordes.

Only the best will visit the Rogue Islands and live to tell the tale!

Developed by two of the world's top FPS specialists, Kiaran Ritchie (Bioware) and Jane Whittaker (developer of the multi million selling Alien Vs Predator and Goldeneye N64 iconic FPS games), Rogue Islands takes the first person shooter to a whole new level of action!


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Rogue Islands - Official Launch Trailer

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Rogue Islands Trailer

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Rogue Islands Announcement Trailer


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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rogue Islands won't be for everyone, but I thought it would be useful to explain why it's for me!

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Game Debate

9.5 / 10.0
Game Debate

Rogue Islands, even though it looks disarmingly simple at first sight, is a challenging and immensely enjoyable game for those who love to play challenging titles. It's a simple take on the survival genre mixed with gung-ho FPS action makes it a really unique and memorable experience. I'm a relative newcomer to the rogue-like genre, yet I adored Rogue Islands, poised as it is perfectly between enjoyable and challenging.

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