Tower of Babel

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Sep 28, 2017 - Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
4 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
6.5 / 10
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Tower of Babel | Nintendo Switch

Critic Reviews for Tower of Babel

At its best, Tower of Babel has some great auto-running action that will have you flying around the screen at breakneck pace, firing yourself to the top of the speed-running leaderboards. Unfortunately, though, the whole thing is let down by some game-breaking issues and a rather lacklustre aesthetic that maybe answers the question of why there has been so little mention of the game prior to release. A frustrating case of a game that could have been excellent but shoots itself in the foot with its many problems, Tower of Babel is best left for another day.

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I can't recommend Tower of Babel on Nintendo Switch. There are far better games on the console from indie teams that you should definitely check out. The gameplay isn't bad and works, but the overall experience is not a good one. So unless you really need an endless runner on Switch, you should probably skip this one.

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In the end Tower of Babel isn’t that bad of a game for the price of entry. If you enjoy the endless runner style the game does do a fair job of iterating on the same overall formula with a variety of traps and looks to keep it fresh. With a patch hopefully the issue with the limited nature of the leaderboards could be addressed and people could feel a bit more compelled to compete on them with their friends and others, understanding where they currently rank and how much harder they’ll need to try to climb higher in the ranks would really help sell the replay angle a game like this needs. As implemented it is just hard to recommend for more than fans of the genre though.

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