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Destination Ares

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General Information

Available on:PCSep 22, 2017

Developer: Patrick Scott

Genres: Simulation, Strategy

A colony spaceship has been thrown together with old, worn parts. The crew boots up the ship's artificial intelligence as they start the arduous journey to the red planet. You've awoken, AI. Can you keep your crew alive and survive the journey ahead? TAKE FATE INTO YOUR (DIGITAL) HANDS Design your own ship. Customize everything. Directly control the ship's systems, set alarms to get the crew's attention, and respond to emergencies. Will luck be enough? You will die, alone and drifting, in the dark. BRUTAL AND CHALLENGING EXPERIENCE Deep mechanics Simple controls Responsive difficulty, always Hard Short sessions A single run takes less than half an hour, but success takes hours of mastery. If it comes at all. AN UNCARING WORLD Destination Ares is about losing power over time rather than gaining it. It's about the internal struggle instead of the external. There are no aliens or guns; just nonchalant blobs of water named Charlie. Discover hidden, branching story arcs with several endings, ponder the meaning of existence, panic as another system breaks down, and laugh at a crew that is woefully incompetent. Lose capability over time. You're no farmboy-turned-hero; play smarter, because you certainly won't get stronger.

Destination Ares Critic Reviews

Destination Ares settles the age-old argument of whether it's worse to be shallow or overpriced by adopting both banes as a core part of its identity. What praise can be given to the premise of managing a crew and ship to their destination is better directed at the far superior FTL, which Ares lifts most of its ideas from. Even with an excellent base to build off of, however, just about every feature and gameplay element fails to capture the fun of managing a spaceship. The flavour text is mostly bland, making a dynamic choice is always accompanied by a grating minigame, and all sense of progression is surface level at best. In no way whatsoever is Destination Ares worth the price of admission. Price accordingly, or don't price at all.

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