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Bear With Me: Episode 3

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 5, 2017

Developer: Exordium Games

Genre: Interactive Story

In the third and final Episode of Bear With Me, Ted is looking for Amber who seems to have been kidnapped. Only he can rescue her, and only she can take down the arsonist Red. The series finale brings emotional turmoil as Amber finally confronts Red to end things. For better or worse. Bear With Me - Episode Three is part of a series in which Ted aids Amber in her quest to find her missing brother Flint. Features: Story driven "horror" noir adventure game. Uniquely drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation. Dialogues and interrogations full of puns. Sarcastic, dark and funny from start to finish. Variety of clues and puzzles to uncover the mystery. Interactive and occasionally playable detective sidekick, Ted E. Bear. Original Soundtrack.

Bear With Me: Episode 3 Reviews

Episode 3, the final installment of Bear With Me, is the darkest and most narrative-driven yet, filled with surprising depth and humanity. What started out as a silly little point-and-click adventure game has retained all its quirks and charms while telling a touching story with themes of acceptance and forgiveness. It serves as an unexpected but incredibly satisfying end to a truly memorable gaming experience.

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Fans of the previous two entries, though, will be overjoyed to see their favourite characters again in this well presented point-and-click adventure, and the desire to see how it all ends will keep people going, despite the flaws.

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Bear With Me from Exordium Games has just seen the launch of its third and final chapter. Taking a look at the entire series, the one clear fact in this 1950’s Noir-esque adventure is that the presentation and the writing are superb making it hard to remember at times that it’s all about a ten year old girl and her teddy bear looking for her brother that went missing and filling the rest with imagination.

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