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General Information

Available on:PCOct 17, 2017

Developer: ShotX Studio

Publisher: Meridian4

Genre: Action

What would you do if you found a briefcase filled with money? In Riskers, garbage man Rick chooses to keep the money for himself – and becomes the target of powerful (and dangerous!) mobsters in the process. Help Rick stay alive as he races, shoots, fights – and even throws chairs! – in this top-down, open-world shooter. Want to keep breathing? Eliminate enemies efficiently and steal cars to stay one step ahead of your pursuers. With the freedom to progress straight through the main story or complete a variety of side missions, you can experience a life of crime in any way you see fit in Riskers. Think you have what it takes to survive? FEATURES: Experience an interactive open world, complete with a day and night cycle. Explore highly-detailed interior levels. Play a unique mix of game genres (top-down action, driving, and shooting). Eliminate enemies with a selection of eight different weapons, or resort to chair-throwing. Take a break from the main story and complete a variety of side missions. Immerse yourself in the story through comic book-style cutscenes. Search for in-game collectibles!

Riskers Reviews

Riskers hinted at a much better ending through participating in city activities, but the fun factor—or lack thereof—discouraged my trying again.

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A little bit GTA, a little bit Hotline Miami, but lacking in many areas.

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Geeks Under Grace

Simon Jones
3.7 / 10.0
Geeks Under Grace

Riskers is a game that asks you, "Why don't you just play GTA 2 instead?" It's a poor game with one or two bright spots that otherwise needs improvement.

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Though a cheap buy, Riskers has fundamental flaws in AI mechanics and general gameplay that plague the short storyline. The rampaging is fun in the story and unrewarding during side missions, but the music will always keep things upbeat.

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Riskers | Official Trailer [HD] | Meridian4 | ShotX Studio thumbnail

Riskers | Official Trailer [HD] | Meridian4 | ShotX Studio

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