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Super Man Or Monster

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 31, 2017

Developer: Xform

Genre: Action

Super Man Or Monster is a monsterfilled, explosive, third person action game with a delightful 8-bit style. You choose if you want to fight with MAN to protect the world, or be a MONSTER and destroy it! SUPER MAN OR MONSTER?! Man - Build your army, fly around with your jetpack and blast monsters. Anything you deploy you can pilot yourself, from turrets and tanks to helicopters! Kick ass. Monster - Bash, stomp and wreck cities with brute force and special powers like fireballs and body slams. Bring the chaos! WHAT'S SO SUPER ABOUT IT? We’re taking the classic Man Or Monster (a simple voxel browser game) to the next level by adding all stuff we didn’t have time for back then. We've added controller support, full screen retro visuals, lots of new content and a splitscreen local multiplayer mode that's pretty awesome if we do say so ourselves (we do)! FEATURES Play as Man or as Monster. Two very different experiences for the price of one! Explore more than 30 of the world’s biggest cities in glorious cubestyle. Splitscreen local multiplayer game mode: Man versus Monster. Unlock tons of units, monsters, special attacks and trophies. 8-bit look now in three dimensions. Super catchy retro chiptunes! A jetpack and fart-attacks. Need I say more?

Super Man Or Monster Reviews

Super Man Or Monster is interesting at its best, but it gets tedious extremely fast. Even though the local multiplayer mode can be entertaining, the game doesn't have enough content to sustain its structure, making it an anecdotal product.

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Super Man or Monster is good enough to provide a scant few hours of entertainment. The choice to play as either man or monster helps pad out the game's overall length and while split screen is a good idea, the imbalance of power means that anyone who picks a monster is almost always guaranteed victory. With a decent enough presentation, it is good for some mindless fun but don't expect to come back to the game once you see the end for both campaigns.

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Super Man Or Monster - Launch Trailer

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Super Man Or Monster - Gameplay Trailer Update

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