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A competent and authentic 8-bit experience, A Hole New World will be enjoyed by many a retro fan out there, but the some of its mechanical elements are faithful almost to its detriment. Travelling between the dual worlds is cool, but utilised without much ambition or variety. While certainly not a bad game, the methods employed to enforce difficulty feel cheap and frustrating, rather than motivating or rewarding. A few of the bosses are visually impressive, but there isn't much here structurally or gameplay wise that particularly stand out . If you're looking for another title with more nostalgia and 'traditional' challenge rather than sadistic, fast-paced, twitch-based platformers, then A Hole New World is an adequate game that will bring back many memories of the 8-bit era, for better or worse.

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8 / 10

A Hole New World is a solid game with a ton of content to enjoy. Along with the main campaign you also have a Boss Rush Mode, a Challenge Mode, and different endings, thus increasing the replay value. There are also several NPC to find in each stage, not to mention trophies tied to it! I definitely recommend that you check out A Hole New World on PS4!

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A Hole New World is a fun homage to old-school action platformers from back in the day, with solid gameplay mechanics, a good pixel art style and a considerable challenge. Other than a couple of specific spots in two stages in which the game's framerate slowed down considerably when things got too hectic, I didn't run into any major issues during my run. If you're looking for a hard but not unfair 2D adventure to take on then you should definitely check out A Hole New World on PlayStation 4.

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Despite the difficulty spike at the end, I really enjoyed playing through A Hole New World. The game scratched a very specific itch for me, and despite its problems, it ended up giving me a far better experience than revisiting the fascinating, clunky horror games of my childhood would have. Let's hope the planned fixes elevate the game even more.

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