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General Information

Available on:PCAug 22, 2017

Developer: 2BAD GAMES

Genre: Action

2URVIVE is an Indie top down shooter. The action takes place in a devastated world (as always ^^). Inspired by classic zombie movies, the Infected are everywhere. Follow Alan and John, two brothers who try to run away from this nightmare ! Kill the Infected and survive are your objectives. All game modes can be played in Co-op with a friend (or bots if you don't have one!) Be ready for a bloody top down shooter. Grab your gun and have fun BE READY, THEY'RE COMING... GAME FEATURES -11 narrative episodes (with different objectives) -5 mission types (protection, in the dark, economic, infection and survive) -10 weapons (assault, shotgun, sniper, fire launcher, rocket launcher, etc...) -3 grenade types (frags, mines & gas) -Local CO-OP (story and mission mode) -10 enemy types (Walker, Runner, Colossus, Dog, Zero, etc... ) -Full gamepad support -Pixel art graphic style

2URVIVE Critic Reviews

2URVIVE's Horde-like structure brings nothing new to the table, but that does not mean it is a bad game. Those who can overcome its unfair nature might enjoy turning their brain off and blasting away the undead, but don't expect anything too revolutionary here.

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