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Final Fantasy III

Square Enix
May 27, 2014 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Final Fantasy III

An RPG foreign to the PC in every way, and a port that does little to modernize it. There's fun to be had, but only for the open-minded.

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6 / 10.0

Going in fully understanding that this is basically a NES game at heart with all that implies, you might be able to endure and find some charm in the classic formula.

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If you're serious about Final Fantasy, though, you'll love the familiarity of the classic turn-based gameplay and seeing franchise regulars again (Cid <3). Unfortunately, in the hierarchy of Final Fantasy games, III doesn't have the same magic of the Chocobo riding adventures that followed it.

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The Steam version of Final Fantasy III offers plenty of old-school charm, but there are better versions out there.

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So if you're feeling nostalgia, love old school RPGs, want to see where a lot RPG systems came from, or just like Final Fantasy games – definitely pick up the Steam version of Final Fantasy III.

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Final Fantasy 3 is not the ultimate fantasy by any means. There are far better entry points to the series and far more mechanically enjoyable titles for series faithful to return to.

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The character depth and story detail might feel somewhat lacking compared to newer JRPG titles, but there is an expansive world here that begs for exploration as you grow your characters for future challenges. The overall package is an easy one to recommend.

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As stated throughout the review, the visuals are extraordinarily homely. The DS to PC path and price will prohibit most from ever trying the game. The game's beginning, while an improvement on the 1990 version, is like to doom it for many that do try it. But beyond that, it's easy to sink hour after hour into the game, embracing its retouched and demanding challenge while celebrating one of the peaks of the early series. And while I found the PC version ugly but addictive, I can't imagine trying to play such a serious game, hour after hour, on my phone, which means the PC version no one would have asked for serves an important function.

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