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Moorhuhn Knights & Castles

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJan 8, 2018

Publisher: Young Fun Studio

Genres: Action, Strategy

Finally, Moorhuhn strikes back! Get set, aim, fire...and never neglect your own cover. Fight against the AI, your friends...or your enemies! Pure Moorhuhn action! SINGLE-PLAYER The game features an extensive 36 part campaign with challenging battles taking place in the Scottish Highlands, in an icy landscape and near lava-spewing volcanoes. Fit out the seat of your clan to build a mighty and prestigious fortress, and upgrade it continuously with better weapons and defence facilities. Pursue the evil Clan Chief from one battle to another, and grow stronger and more powerful. You start out with a small shack, but you will soon be able to improve and expand each element of your residence. Eventually, you will become the lord of an extensive castle, able to withstand heavier attacks. You can play the campaign battles as often as you wish, for an unlimited time.

Moorhuhn Knights & Castles Reviews

Conceptually, a tower defense game with Angry Birds combat works well enough, but here it just isn't any fun to play. This game isn't worth your money or your time, which makes the $30 asking price particularly outrageous.

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