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General Information

Available on:PCFeb 2, 2018

Publisher: Humble Bundle

Genre: Action

Fortune-499 is a game about money and magic. You play a fortune teller working in the magical resources department of a large corporation. You engage in day-to-day office activities such as forwarding emails, attending meetings, fighting back hordes of monsters, and dealing with printer jams. With some tricky magic up your sleeve and your job on the line, it's up to you to build a future out of the hand you've been dealt.

Fortune-499 Critic Reviews

Fortune-499 is a charming package. It's got witchcraft, mid-20s malaise, and puns and witty monsters galore. Though I wanted a little more from the story, what I did get, I really enjoyed. The combat system could have easily become monotonous, but it remained fresh and quirky with the addition of new cards and mechanics.

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Humble Monthly February 2018 Humble Original: Fortune-499