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Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Bad Dudes

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchApr 5, 2018

Developer: Flying Tiger Entertainment, Inc.

Bad Dudes, are you bad enough?! "Rampant ninja related crimes these days... Whitehouse is not the exception...". As soon as that occurs, a Secret Service agent asks two street-smart brawlers, the "Bad Dudes" named Blade and Striker: "President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue Ronnie?" After hearing that, the Bad Dudes pursue the ninjas through the New York City streets, a moving big rig truck, a large storm sewer, a forest, a freight train on an old Southern Pacific line, a cave and into an underground factory in order to save President Ronnie.

Johnny Turbo's Arcade: Bad Dudes Critic Reviews

Bad Dudes offers up a nostalgic slice of some of the purest arcade fighting action you could find in the late 80s salons and despite not being mandatory it is certainly a more enjoyable experience if you bring a friend to the ninja onslaught. Emulation wrapper kinks aside, the overall experience aged gracefully and it is certainly a great retro choice when you have some minutes to spare and just feel the need to take on an entire ninja army.

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While hardly essential, those with nostalgia for it might consider a revisit, mainly if they have someone to share in some multiplayer entertainment with.

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Overall the game might feel a bit repetitive for those of you who didn't get a chance to grow up playing in the arcades of the past, with its tough bosses and challenging enemies, but it's a fun arcade perfect experience you can now enjoy at home! And if you prefer to take on some co-op action, then you and a friend can share the same screen, and each use a Joy-Con, so multiple Nintendo Switch units are not needed for some multiplayer action, which is a great selling point for Nintendo's hybrid console. Go download Bad Dudes today!

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Unknown Author
8 / 10

It brought back a lot of great memories, so if you played this one way back when then you're going to love it as part of the Johnny Turbo's Arcade series.

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