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Available on:PlayStation 4Aug 23, 2017
Nintendo SwitchApr 1, 2018

Publisher: Sinister Cyclops

Sparta, 500 BC. The city-state's weapons, armour and gold have mysteriously vanished. Magical portals begin to appear throughout ancient Greece. As a king and the world's most fearsome warrior, Leonidas sets out to discover who is behind the threat, and recover everything that was stolen. You are King Leo, and your aim is to make whoever is responsible and whatever stands in your way rue the day they crossed your path. Block, stomp, run, jump, fall, climb, cling, push, spring and slice your way to victory. Outsmart intelligent enemies, tread carefully through obstacles and use your wits to defeat bosses in epic battles. NON-LINEAR LEVELS No matter which path you choose, you can always return to any point. Feeling greedy and want to go back and collect all of the coins? No problem! There is no area you cannot return to. But remember to plot your routes and keep track of where you've been, because without retrieving all of the artefacts or chests you won't be able to activate the magical escape portal. Not happy with your score? You can replay any level, any time, once it’s been unlocked. PIXEL-PERFECT CONTROLS When the margin for error is small, responsive controls are a sheer delight. You command and King Leo executes with lightning speed. You say ""Jump!"", and he says ""How high?"". If your reflexes are fast enough, his reflexes will be fast enough. Every step counts and every move is in your hands. Clocking in at a stable 60fps, Spartan leaves gamers no excuse to not succeed. 20+ HOURS OF GAMEPLAY More if you want to unlock the entire gallery and learn some ancient Greek words! With four distinct worlds and 24 challenging levels, you'll find yourself proclaiming: ""Tough, but fair!"".! - Memorable atmospheric soundtrack with ethnic overtones - Crisp and detailed handcrafted art - Hyper-smooth 2D physics-based mesh animations - Fun, intelligent and reactive enemies - A huge variety of traps and obstacles

Spartan Critic Reviews

Spartan is the agōgē of platforming video games: If you manage to clear it all the way you will be able to say you have conquered an extremely hard video game. However, and much like the Spartans of old, we doubt you will be having a very good time while at it.

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Some may enjoy Spartan but I suspect most will ultimately find it too frustrating to persevere with. The game has too many issues to make it a fun and enjoyable experience with the physics presenting some real problems. Couple that with some annoying design decisions, collecting all treasure chests is one of them along with a checkpoint system which has issues also. If I have to force myself to play a game then there is a big problem and it's just how I felt playing this one. If you want a platformer then you already have many to choose from. Unfortunately, the game is below average and is going to find it hard to compete especially at its current price.

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Regardless of the amount of total content in the game the fact is that if it feels like a chore to get to the bulk of it, and the overall play isn’t satisfying, it really drains all enthusiasm out of the process. Spartan has some glimmers of hope here and there but the overall experience simply comes up short through a combination of shortcomings. If you’re out to grind through an experience for the sake of saying you did it you may find some appeal but for the vast majority of people out there the Switch has far better offerings than this in the same price range.

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