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General Information

Available on:PCMar 22, 2018

Developer: Alex Carpenter

Genres: Adventure, Platformer

Welcome to the land of Squimlia! After a previous adventure, you and your rat friend stop for a snooze. When you wake up, the rat is gone and strange creatures have appeared across the land as if from out of nowhere! What has happened while you were asleep? Where is your rat friend? Get to the bottom of these mysteries by squirming your way through tons of trap-infested levels! 7 Varying Worlds, 5 Different Bosses, and so much more! 150+ levels of platforming madness I hope you have tough legs because boy, are you gonna be jumping a lot. Well, you could always just not jump if you enjoy being impaled by spikes, scorched by fireballs, blasted by eyeballs, beaten by enemies, sucked into black holes, getting gunned down by cannons, etc. Hey look on the bright side, at least there are plenty of cool guys you can find down here on your adventure, you should try talking to them every now and then because you don’t have real friends! Enjoy your stay! Hey, it's not so bad down here once you realize the inevitability of your own death. But, despite the peril that lies just ahead, you feel something pushing you on, something calling to you. something about a rat... guess you'll just have to suck it up and find out for yourself! Easter Eggs and Achievements! All sorts of things catered for you lovely completionist type people out there! 40 Achievements! Many Easter Eggs!

Squirm Critic Reviews

Squirm is a simple game that does not do anything out of the ordinary. The trial and error gameplay can be a dealbreaker for some, though those that persevere may enjoy how comforting everything is.

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