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Temple of Spikes

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General Information

Available on:PCMar 8, 2018

Developer: Tigrido Inc

Genres: Action, Platformer

A full-featured, story-based hardcore platformer with 50+ hours of gameplay and a speedrunner mode. In January 1980, a young and ambitious treasure hunter finds an ancient sanctuary hidden in the depths of an impassable jungle. While exploring the temple, he discovers untold riches and powerful ancient artifacts. However, getting out of the temple with the treasure turns out to be quite a challenge. The sanctuary is full of intricate deadly traps and its dark labyrinths abound in bloodthirsty beasts hunting for new souls. Multiple skeletons scattered here and there are a sign that the temple had been visited before, but let no one out alive. The protagonist has no other options but to do everything he can to avoid the fate of his predecessors. Our hero is accompanied by a mysterious grumpy ghost and an ancient stingy genie. These two unworldly creatures gradually reveal the details of the terrible events that unfolded at the Temple of Spikes centuries ago. Game features: — Hardcore gameplay — Intriguing storyline — 25 characters with unique abilities — Battles with ruthless bosses — Time control: slowdown, time rewind — The hot-seat multiplayer mode — up to 4 players. — 30 levels

Temple of Spikes Critic Reviews

Temple of Spikes' bite-sized format makes it easy to pick up and play. It's slippery controls take some getting used to, but it's challenge will draw in tomb raiders from all walks of life.

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