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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Q3 2018
Xbox OneQ3 2018
PCMay 8, 2018
Nintendo SwitchQ3 2018

Developer: Exordium Games

Genres: Roguelike, Action

Last Encounter is a twin-stick action roguelite in deep space following a group of heroes trying to prevent the unavoidable by cloning their ships and designing their weapons with swappable components. Advanced technology lets you and your friends clone your avatars so death is not the end. Teleport into new sectors of space, discovering the ever-changing, procedurally generated layouts and hazards filled with strange beings and alien environments. Find dozens of advanced weapon components scattered throughout diverse galaxy biomes. Combine the pieces as you see fit to create the strongest weapon in the universe. Choose from a variety of unlockable ships and pilots and prove your skills against alien ships and bosses in the far reaches of space.
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Last Encounter - Announcement Trailer

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Last Encounter - Reveal Trailer

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In short, Last Encounter has a neat concept, but fails to follow through with it. A good challenge is the lifeblood of a videogame, especially when it comes to roguelikes. If the level of difficulty is incapable of matching and growing with the player's skill and arsenal, then there's no purpose in continuing to play. Before long, what should be a thrilling run deep into enemy territory becomes nothing more than a thirty-minute spectacle of light and sound. Anyone who picks this title up will inevitably face a tough choice. Do they make full use of the overpowered weapon system, knowing that they will rarely have any fun, or do they ignore everything, thereby stripping the game of its identity?

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Last Encounter is a brilliant Shoot ‘Em Up. Exordium Games have really designed a unique styled experience in a class where there’s plenty of competition. With plenty of base customization between the available pilots as well as the ships they can operate, the upgrades become the icing on the cake as you explore the space beyond the gate in hopes of perhaps finding a new start for our just about extinct species.

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At its core, Last Encounter provides a fun experience that borrows elements from the shoot-em-up, while embracing roguelike qualities of randomization, and implementing plenty of customization.

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