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Last Encounter

Exordium Games
May 8, 2018 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Screen Rant
3.5 / 5
4 / 10
Digital Chumps
7 / 10
Pure Nintendo
4 / 10
6 / 10
New Game Network
40 / 100
Boomstick Gaming
7.3 / 10
4 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Last Encounter

Last Encounter is a fun and frantic roguelike that is now on the go.

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Last Encounter on the Nintendo Switch is a twin-stick shooter with a roguelike structure that puts the player exploring a hostile galaxy and if its ideas regarding upgrades and development, as well as a more careful approach to combat, are positive, the end result is a rather frustrating experience where it can become too cumbersome to pursue with upgrading the ship and where a simple mistake will throw the player all the way back.

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Digital Chumps

Drew Brown
7 / 10.0
Digital Chumps

If you are so fortunate to be blessed with the necessary skills and patience to succeed in this style of game I think that this would be an excellent option for you to look into. While I don’t believe that this game is groundbreaking for the genre, I think that it brought unique additions to it.

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Last Encounter is punishing with difficult AI and controls. Be prepared to die a lot and invest a good chunk of time if you hope to master the game and make progress.

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Ultimately Last Encounter is a decent game that misses the mark on greatness.

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New Game Network

Adam Carr
40 / 100
New Game Network

Almost every good piece of design in Last Encounter is knocked down multiple pegs thanks to an oppressive grind. It successfully manages to invest you in the world and its systems, before quickly erecting barriers that direct away from the interesting features. Had the game been a bit more generous with its upgrades, or toned down the monotony, this could have been a solid roguelike.

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In short, Last Encounter has a neat concept, but fails to follow through with it. A good challenge is the lifeblood of a videogame, especially when it comes to roguelikes. If the level of difficulty is incapable of matching and growing with the player's skill and arsenal, then there's no purpose in continuing to play. Before long, what should be a thrilling run deep into enemy territory becomes nothing more than a thirty-minute spectacle of light and sound. Anyone who picks this title up will inevitably face a tough choice. Do they make full use of the overpowered weapon system, knowing that they will rarely have any fun, or do they ignore everything, thereby stripping the game of its identity?

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