Star Trek: Bridge Crew - The Next Generation

Ubisoft, Red Storm Entertainment
May 22, 2018 - Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR
90 / 100
Gaming Nexus
8 / 10
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Star Trek: Bridge Crew - The Next Generation Media

Critic Reviews for Star Trek: Bridge Crew - The Next Generation

Just as fun and exciting as the previous outing, The Next Generation re-invigorates the game with a fresh bridge, a new race, and a new role -- Operations. While an updated training module might have been helpful, everything else about this DLC is ship-shape and ready to engage. Could this open up more DLC from shows like Enterprise, DS-9, or even Discovery? Please, Red Storm...make it so!

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The new Star Trek: The Next Generation DLC for Star Trek: Bridge Crew offers even more of what made the base game fun: fantasy fulfilment and the chance to tool around the universe with some buddies on a Starfleet vessel. While there isn't a ton that makes Bridge Crew feel different, it is fantastic to have some new enemies to fight, and fun to figure out how to navigate some new wrinkles in the bridge positions. After all is said and done, this DLC gives me more of what I love, and kudos to Red Storm for taking on that challenge when I thought they had abandoned the game and moved on. Now, can I get some Cardassians?

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Both in TV shows and films, Star Trek: The Next Generation offered one of the most exciting sci-fi universes to explore in VR, but this DLC pack for Bridge Crew offers only a small taste of what made the series so compelling.

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