Supreme League of Patriots

Phoenix Online Publishing, No Bull Intentions
Jan 29, 2015 - PC

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Gadgets 360
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Critic Reviews for Supreme League of Patriots


5.7 / 10.0

Supreme League of Patriots' clumsy political humor overpowers its sometimes-clever superhero-themed adventuring.

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I wanted to like Supreme League of Patriots in the worst way because of its point-and-click adventure genre, its voice acting, its promise of humor, and its intriguing story. But by the third episode, I couldn't be rid of it fast enough.

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I loved playing through all three episodes of SLOP and the way I see it a game shouldn't be any less fun if the graphics or animations aren't exactly on point. If you're looking for a side game, or a couple cheap laughs at the expense of Melvin's remarks, I recommend this game. It's charming and it's got a lot of great things going for it.

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Supreme League of Patriots is kind of a mixed bag: you have a decent adventure game that tries to work in a new direction, driven by plot and dialogue more than random puzzles and inconvenient coincidences that force you to play MacGyver or to do random strangers favors and run errands in exchange for items that could have easily been acquired from any department store.

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It is not all disastrous, and hope remains that the second and third episodes up the ante to smooth over the cracks of Issue 1. Tune in next time, folks, for the exhilarating review of Issue 2 - Patriot Frames to find out what happens!

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Despite its flaws, we still had fun with Supreme League of Patriots, but your enjoyment of the game will depend heavily on whether its sense of humour clicks for you or not. The trailer above does give a sense of the tone of the game, and if that doesn't instantly make you want more, then this game definitely isn't for you.

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