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General Information

Available on:PCApr 6, 2017

Developer: Battlecruiser Games

Genre: Strategy

A fearsome Chieftain is gathering an army, intent on the subjugation of the realm. The Villagers cry out for a hero! Someone to rise up and rescue them from their plight. This burden falls to you. Build a city, train an army, and equip your subjects. Seek out the assistance of helpful allies, such as dwarves, amazons, and sorceresses. With allies to help, and an army of your own, you can defeat the invading army and make the realm safe again! Features 7 basic units, with a further 15 available as upgrades! Intriguing story with beautifully drawn artwork. 3 Vastly different Classes for you to choose from: Warlord, Sorcerer, and Treasurer. Over 70 different skills in all! Diverse array of spells: Firewall, Lightning, Meteor Shower, Titan's Fist, Summon Elemental, Poisonous Cloud, Transmutation, and more! Only 4 spells can be brought into battle though, so choose wisely! Multiple different game modes: Classic, Challenge, Survival, Maze, Hero Defense, Attack/Defend (Also used in PvP,) and Co-op missions throughout the campaign. Upgrade Defenders in the workshop! Multiple upgrades with several tiers for each defender. More upgrades become available as you build and improve your town.

Warstone TD Reviews

Warstone TD is an amazing Tower Defense. Battlecruiser have created not just a great herald of its kind but, besides, a product that combines RPG and RTS elements, and a multiplayer, to offer a mix that works really well.

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Despite the additions of the other systems, Warstone TD at its root is a tower defence. The systems are actually a great addition to the usual formula, but it is not deep enough to entertain players of other genres. The levels eventually become so long that unless someone is a die-hard TD fan, they will start to lose interest, which is one of the only major complaints.

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