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Unicorn Dungeon

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 24, 2018

Developer: Stand Off Software

Unicorn Dungeon is an absurdist comedy point & click adventure game set in the strange (and often silly) magical land of Artovya, but actually just in a dungeon.This is the first in a series of games which follow the adventures of the brave knight Sir Typhil of Creulor on a quest to bring a unicorn to the castle and be crowned king. As with all of the games in the series, Unicorn Dungeon is mainly a point & click adventure, but with elements of other types of games present as well. In this episode, a section of the game is a rogue-like dungeon crawler.

Unicorn Dungeon Critic Reviews

Unicorn Dungeon wanted to be funny but ended up only being a joke of a game. Its visuals are terrible, the combat is some of the worst ever, and the writing falls flat. There is not one aspect this game succeeds in. Absolutely everything is terrible. Sir Typhil of Brokengamedesign can ride his unicorn into hell. Now excuse me, I think I will go get wasted and play Ride to Hell: Retribution because that is a more enjoyable experience than Unicorn Dungeon.

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Humourless, bland, boring, and, when it comes to the extra rogue element, straight up irritating, Unicorn Dungeon is simply not worth anyone's time, genre fan or not - and that's even when taking its tiny price into consideration.

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