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Death Fungeon

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General Information

Available on:PCAug 17, 2018

Developer: Ritual Games

Publisher: GrabTheGames

Genre: Adventure

A cute pixel art puzzle platform game, with both stealth and parkour elements. Death Fungeon pits you against a deadly prison packed with traps, treacherous terrain and hulking brutish prison guards. Use your wits, cunning and agility to stay one step ahead of your would be captures. You can take the stealthy approach, progressing slowly, hiding in amongst objects and staying out of the sight of guards. Or utilise your athletic ability to wall jump, grab on to ledges and speed run your way past each challenge.

Death Fungeon Critic Reviews

Death Fungeon channels the spirit of Super Meat Boy, throwing in a little stealth for good measure. This combo makes for an interesting, albeit short, experience that is a must for those looking for their next platforming quest.

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