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General Information

Available on:PCJul 25, 2018

Developer: Bannerman Games

Genre: Puzzle

Whirlygig is a block building game which consists of 4 unique grids – Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Blocks move upward in Fall, to the right in Winter, downward in Spring, and to the left in Summer. Every 5 turns, a new grid is randomly selected as the next grid to play in. Block Control: Blocks can be controlled with keyboard or joystick inputs. Blocks can be rotated clockwise or counter clockwise. The controls can be updated by the user within the Controls screen. Game Levels: The beginning level of the game is set by the user when selecting the difficulty. This dictates the speed of the block fall, the movement of the blocks from side-to-side, and the number of points achieved when destroying rows of blocks or activating a special bomb. Every 10 rows destroyed increases the level as long as the level is greater than the starting difficulty selected by the user. Scoring: Points are accumulated when 1 to 5 rows of blocks are destroyed, or a bomb is detonated. The more rows that are destroyed at once or individual pieces blown up, the higher the points earned. Game Over: The game has no timer or restriction on number of levels, lines, or blocks. The game ends when the block level reaches any of the 4 spawn points. Whirlygig: 4 destroyed rows at once is called a Whirlygig. When this is achieved, a bonus piece is created. The user has 5 turns to destroy this bonus piece to receive a good block that will be stored within the grid for later use. If the bonus piece is not cleared, the user receives a bad block immediately. Up to 3 good blocks can be stored in each grid, but only one can be activated in a given turn. However, good blocks can be activated one after the other, and their spawning is in addition to the 5 standard turns received in the grid. Extra Long = The extra long good block is 5 pieces high allowing the user to obtain a higher score by destroying 5 rows at once. Bomb = The bomb good block destroys any piece to the left, right, top, or bottom of the bomb. The bomb itself is also destroyed in the process. Single = The single good block spawns 3 consecutive single blocks for the user.

Whirlygig Critic Reviews

Whirlygig does absolutely nothing to improve the time-tested Tetris formula. Everything that makes this title unique ultimately takes away from the game, rendering it borderline unplayable.

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