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The Greater Good

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General Information

Available on:PCOct 23, 2018

Developer: Sam Enright

Genre: RPG

The Greater Good is a fast-moving, cinematic RPG featuring stylized 3D graphics and an original, explosive soundtrack. Meet hilarious friends and make not-so hilarious enemies as you traverse a fully-realized, handcrafted world. Created entirely by one person out of love for classic turn-based RPGs. Machines are on the rise while magic is all but forgotten. Few even remember the destruction of the Elemental Tree so many years ago. Team up with a band of unlikely heroes as you rediscover this world's past and fight to save its future. FEATURES: Experience a fast-moving, cinematic story told across a dangerous world. No random battles. Jump and platform your way over enemies and through areas. 29 original tracks on a bold, modern soundtrack. Fast-paced, easily accessible battle system designed for newcomers to the genre. Skill system adds required strategy and depth to battles for veterans of the genre. NEW GAME+. Optional superbosses. Other cool secrets you'll have to find. Cool wolf character.

The Greater Good Critic Reviews

The Greater Good's balanced gameplay was lovely, but that's not enough to cut the mustard. An edgier plot with dynamic storytelling featuring boldly designed and engagingly deep characters would have elevated this merely serviceable game into something worth recommending.

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The Greater Good may not appeal to those scouting for intense systems, strategic play or hefty challenges, but like it did me, it just might win you over in spite of its technical hitches.

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While never achieving the “great” part of its title, the game at least isn’t too far from hitting the “good” part.

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