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Available on:PCOct 17, 2018

Developers: ANIM•ACE, Rightstick Studios

Genre: Action

Deep in the heart of the cosmos, champions from every corner of the galaxy gather... for a game of minigolf! Eons ago, it was but a simple sport of stick and rock played in a backwater asteroid belt, but as the years went by, the game was squished, squashed, stretched, squeezed, and set on fire until it became the game known across the galaxy as... Wonder Wickets! Some play for leisure and others play for honor, but most just play as an excuse to travel the stars! What sort of wacky competitors will you meet?

Wonder Wickets Critic Reviews

Wonder Wickets is firmly one of the better mini-golf games you are going to get on PC. While I don't see this as a game that will revitalize the genre, if you are looking to scratch an itch after playing Golf Story, this will be your game.

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This game is a good first outing for Rightstick Studios with fun game play and tons of characters to choose from. It has its downsides, such as trying to figure out the sweet spot for the ball so that it doesn't skip over the hole. The controls are a little touchy.

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Admittedly, this critic isn't exactly experienced when it comes to mini-golf games. Determining Wonder Wickets' standing in such a niche genre is immeasurably difficult. With that said, anyone with an appreciation for tight game-design and superb aesthetics is liable to fall in love with it. Courses are complex and challenging, but there's enough restraint to keep players from feeling bogged down. The conditions for unlocking most of the content are actually really light. Nobody will ever get the feeling that they have to repeat the same mission constantly, just to make any progress. Definitely give this a shot.

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Wonder Wickets turns the game of golf on its head with its vibrant worlds and saccharine stylings. Gameplay can be somewhat gimmicky, but those looking for a far out take on the time-tested sport will find a lot to like here.

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