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Microids, Telehorse
Nov 2, 2017 - PC, Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Life
5 / 10
8 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
6 / 10
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Steamburg l Trailer l Microids & Telehorse

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Critic Reviews for Steamburg

Overall, the gorgeous steampunk style with surprisingly great voice acting doesn’t entirely make up for a slow, clumpy puzzler. The music is also great and the concept ambitious, but its mechanics and sluggish pace make it feel dated. Hardcore fans of adventure puzzlers or steampunk stories will likely enjoy it, but it won’t be to everyone’s tastes.

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8 / 10

This is a game that is easy to recommend for Nintendo's hybrid console.

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The premise has you trying to save the city of Steamburg, as well as your fiance, from a robotic invasion...

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