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One Word by POWGI

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Dec 18, 2018
PlayStation VitaDec 18, 2018
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Developer: Lightwood Games

The word search puzzle with a difference - there's only one word to find! Complete each series of puzzles to reveal the words that complete a quote. There are more than 600 puzzles to complete, and 120 popular, funny and inspirational quotes.

One Word by POWGI Critic Reviews

5 / 10

Although it has a different take on word search puzzles, this game quickly gets repetitive to a point where your eyes won’t like you anymore.

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As a port of a mobile game, Lightwood Games have done a good job of bringing their One Word by POWGI game to PS4. It works flawlessly on consoles. For those desperate to play word puzzles on their PS4, this (and POWGI’s other titles) are the only real options. The “written for a lift” music, forgettable nature of some of the quotes and unnecessarily obtuse nature in how they’re often presented however means there’s plenty of other, better, cheaper competition out there – just not on the PS4. Still, an easy Platinum trophy will make the hunters’ dreams come true.

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7.8 / 10.0
Rob Pitt

Lightwood Games likes to take classic puzzle formats and switch them around, One Word by POWGI is a perfect example. Instead of looking for a group of words within a grid of letters, you must decipher a quote or phrase and then find a single missing word within a jumbled up grid made up of only that words letters. As this is the case, and it isn’t going to have random X, Y and Z’s in there (unless the word contains those), it actually makes it a little bit more tricky to solve.

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One Word by Powgi is yet another crossword game from Lightwood, and while the one word per board focus may seem great for pick up and play, unfortunately I couldn’t say they felt that different from your typical crossword puzzle, especially when the boards vary wildly in size and thus, the difficulty of the puzzles is all over the place. It’s fine for crossword fans wanting every possible puzzle imaginable, but otherwise, you’re better off just getting one of the more content-packed collections from lightwood instead.

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Audience Reviews

One Word by POWGI is a word search puzzle game in which you search for the missing words from a vast number of quotes (150 to be precise) by various famous and well-known people from ancient history until the present day. I really love this feature as it gives us a chance to learn something new at the same times as exercising our brains. There is no real difficulty setting

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