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Available on:PCAug 6, 2014
Nintendo SwitchMay 6, 2019

Developer: SMG Studio

Genre: Strategy

Take command of HEROCORP™ and launch a Preemptive Defense Campaign™ against parallel dimensions in OTTTD, the most outrageous Tower Defense title.

OTTTD stands for Over The Top Tower Defense, and you'll see why when you're blasting 9 kinds of hell out of a floating robot shark that's making a beeline for your HQ.

You play as a commander for HEROCORP™, the 4th largest private military organization in the galaxy.

Your job is to “preemptively defend” the Earth against alien dimensions BEFORE they attack Earth. Make sure to come in under budget and fill out the TPS reports in triplicate!

Is "preemptively defending Earth" ethical? It doesn't matter, your responsibility is to the shareholders!


- Deep RPG Mechanics
- Choose from 7 unique hero classes to make up your squad of 3. The more action they see the more XP they earn to level them up through custom skill trees.
- 30+ active abilities
- 40+ passive skills
- Multiple armor options with stats to suit your play-style


Well we dont have that many but... we've put a lot of work balancing the the 30+ we do have along with 12 tower types and 6 different damage types.

We're sure HEROCORP™ has got the hardware to ensure you can wreak havoc in your own personal style.


The range of enemies in OTTTD is wide enough to soothe even the itchiest trigger finger. Floating eyeballs? Check. Gunclams? You know it. Giant Wartoises? Of course. And we're pretty sure we are the ONLY game with a motorcycle riding squid in it.

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OTTTD on Nintendo Switch (ESRB) #nindies thumbnail

OTTTD on Nintendo Switch (ESRB) #nindies

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Jump Dash Roll

8 / 10
Peter Taylor

OTTTD is a great example of taking a straightforward type of genre like tower defense and adding just enough of a twist to it to make it stand out. Whilst the lack of touch controls limit its fluidity on such a mobile platform, its bite-sized nature suits the Switch perfectly.

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Pure Nintendo

8 / 10.0
Pure Nintendo

The game's RPG mechanics, unique art style, and variety in towers, enemy types, and weapons, make for a satisfying tower-defence experience. OTTTD is a must-buy for fans of the genre.

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Digitally Downloaded

Digitally Downloaded

it’s tailored right down to the core as a simple way of passing time with accessible challenge. But SMG Studio has nailed that brief, and this game does deserve to be considered among the very greats of the genre.

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Rapid Reviews UK

Rapid Reviews UK

OTTTD is an acronym for Over The Top Tower Defence, and over the top it is. For those of you who don’t know what a tower defence game is, essentially you defend a home base by placing and upgrading static towers at set points along a road which enemies will come down in waves. Placing the right towers in the right places is essential, for example, a tower that slows enemies before several big damage dealers to make sure you get the maximum effect.

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