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General Information

Available on:PCNov 22, 2018

Developer: Meteorbyte Studios

Publisher: Libredia Entertainment

Genre: Action

Our retro roguelike WOODPUNK brings you back to the Middle Ages but with a catch: You are an expert inventor and you find yourself fighting against an evil opponent – the powerful Maria di Medici and her armies! Using wood and other scrap material, you have created the ultimate tool to support you in your quest: A robot that can create weapons! FEATURES Roguelike Pixel Shooter with endless variations of level designs. Procedurally generated weapons, both melee and ranged. Over a hundred simultaneous enemies on screen, with individual A.I. and strategies. Completely destroyable environments. Local coop multiplayer. Huge tech tree to create and enhance your weapons arsenal.

Woodpunk Critic Reviews

Woodpunk is mechanically sound in the roguelike and twin-stick shooter elements that it mashes together. Its presentation is fine, and the difficulty is much higher than expected. It doesn't do anything that could be considered unique, and the co-op feels rather imbalanced. While Woodpunk may not be the first game to run to for a roguelike twin-stick shooter fix, it's a safe enough title that you won't feel so bad for giving it a shot.

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WoodPunks gameplay variety is limited in scope, but what it does, it does very well and the art, style, and animations are stellar.

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WOODPUNK - Teaser Trailer thumbnail

WOODPUNK - Teaser Trailer

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WOODPUNK: War Machine Boss Gameplay

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WOODPUNK | Reveal Trailer (PRE-ALPHA)


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