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Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD

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Game Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Mar 7, 2018
PCMar 6, 2018
Nintendo SwitchAug 29, 2019

Developer: Arc System Works

Genre: Action

The goal of "Damascus Gear Operation Osaka" is to repay the hero's significant [debt] before the due date.

In the [Cosmopolis], GEAR pilots fight day and night in the [Arena] for large sums of Eyn(this world's currency). The hero will participate in the Arena as a Ranker, aiming to use the prize money to repay his debt.

Use [missions] to enhance your GEAR, and earn prize money in the [Arena] before the due date. If you don't make it by the due date…


[GEAR System] - This system is revealed by the Atsuga Corporation in the mid-21st century revolutionized all technologies, allowing for the perfection of piloted humanoid robots called [GEARs].

With the outbreak of the World War Four in 2050 and the loss of control of the [GEAR System] that followed, the world changed completely.

The berserk [GEARs] became known as [RAGE], and combat GEARs around the world began a total massacre of humanity.

Humanity was pushed to the brink of extinction, but a few survivors escaped underground and began analyzing the GEAR System to prepare for a counterattack. The war between humans and RAGE was exceedingly fierce, but thanks to the counter-RAGE organization [Freyja] and a certain GEAR mercenary, they steadily began recovering key locations on the surface. In 2112, over 50 years after the war began, humanity reclaimed Japan from the RAGE. 30 years later, in the [Cosmopolis] built upon Osaka, a pilot with an inherited [GEAR] and huge [debt] sets out with his Operator to become a Ranker in the Arena. It will not be a story for the history books, but simply a battle for their freedom...

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「Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka」 Teaser PV

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Worth Playing

7 / 10.0
Worth Playing

At the end of the day, Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka never extends beyond the realm of a fun time-waster. It's not bad if you're looking for a cheap, mech-focused, loot-heavy dungeon-crawler. If you love giant robots, then Operation Osaka is a fun way to spend $20. Beyond that, it's just another dungeon-crawler on a system that is awash with them.

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