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General Information

Available on:PCSep 16, 2019

Developer: Andrea Interguglielmi

Publisher: Armor Games

Genres: Puzzle, Simulation

In a grasp for salvation with sentinels closing in, you've stolen a Nauticrawl. You check the radar, turn a few knobs, press some buttons… then you realize I don’t know how to move this hunk of metal... If the pursuing forces or the crushing atmosphere don't kill you first, the Nauticrawl - designed to be piloted only by the ruling elites - just might. This instrument, your only hope of survival, could also be your demise. With the right amount of experimentation your escape plan just might succeed. Pull levers, redirect power, hack devices, uncover communications, try anything and everything. You've heard the rumors. You know many have died doing what you're doing. But as the corners of the story pull back and you learn your way around the consoles, you just might get off this wretched rock. Nauticrawl unfolds through turn-based exploration, as you puzzle out how everything fits together. Begin each run anew, but bring with you what you’ve learned along the way. Think it through. Make mistakes and experiment. You can do this.

Nauticrawl Critic Reviews

Overall, this puzzle game is short, sweet, and delightful ... despite occasionally crushing my dreams. And I’m always up for another try.

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Nauticrawl is a short -- very possibly too short -- and memorable adventure.

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Have a few spare hours to engage in extreme trial and error tedium? Nauticrawl is the perfect game for you!

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Nauticrawl is an absolute treat to play. What it lacks in depth is made up for by its sheer devotion to an intuitive design. The game eschews the excessive tutorialization found in many modern titles in favor of letting the player learn for themselves.

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Nauticrawl Launch Announcement

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Official Nauticrawl Trailer - Available Now on Steam

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