Raining Blobs

Endi Milojkoski, Black Shell Media

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Raining Blobs

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General Information

Available on:PCJan 15, 2016
Xbox OneDec 20, 2017
Nintendo SwitchNov 15, 2019
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020

Developer: Endi Milojkoski

Publisher: Black Shell Media

Genres: Arcade, Puzzle

Raining Blobs is a fast-paced arcade puzzle game based around matching falling blocks. Matching blocks of the same color will link them together while matching blocks with stars in them will destroy the linked blocks. This game will put both your fingers and mind to a test of raw skill. Prove that you have what it takes to survive the endless blob rain! Key Features: Adore the cast of cute female protagonists inspired by anime style art. Crush your competition with up to 8 player local coop or vs mode! Show your friends just how good you are! Up to 16 with CPUs! Secure your position as the undisputed Raining Blobs master by rising to the top of the leaderboards in Arcade, Endless Battle, Tournament and Puzzle modes. Advance your way through a selection of fierce battles in Tournament mode and unravel the story. Solve all mind-bending puzzles in Puzzle mode. Collect a wide selection of challenging and rewarding achievements. A lot of useful stats.

Raining Blobs Critic Reviews

Overall, it lacks a lot of personality, and with nothing to really set it apart from its contemporaries, there’s very little to recommend here unless you’re a huge fan of the genre.

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It’s a shame too, since if this had a bit more tweaking to be a more exciting multiplayer game, this could stand as a very addictive puzzler just like what inspired it, but as it stands now, only the single player aspects succeed in that regard.

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Raining Blobs in not a particularly good looking game. It doesn't even plays good. I have a feeling that someone wanted to release the game in which girls are fighting each other, but they lacked resources and skill to make Girl Fight 2.

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Raining Blobs Nintendo Switch Trailer

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Raining Blobs Trailer ver 1.99


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