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Mastertronic, Alan Zucconi
May 28, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for 0RBITALIS

Finding the right groove and reaching a hypnotic state, that's 0rbitalis at its best. Fire a shot, have it smash into an asteroid. Fire another, have it slingshot off into deep space. Fire another, then contemplate the nature of the universe as it bends and loops around for minutes at a time, leaving behind a trail of where it has been.

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0rbitalis is a real class act, and one of the best puzzle games in recent memory. Minimalism is achieved without sacrificing sophistication, and for such a small game it has the potential for hours of engrossing gameplay.

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'0rbitalis' provides a calm and collected space-based puzzle experience, a little thin on content but chock full of quality, challenge, and atmosphere.

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0RBITALIS is a highly playable and addictive game that I predict will do very well.  It would likely celebrate more success on phone or tablet platforms for its simplicity and the fact that you can pick it up and continue where you left off easily.  I wasn't expecting to like the game as much as I do yet 0RBITALIS is a title that will remain in my installed Steam collection.

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Ultimately, the boiled-down approach of 0rbitalis, both in interactivity and aesthetic, works out pretty well. While struggling through the same level for extended periods gets wearisome, the variety as more levels unlock means plenty of new things to try.

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0rbitalis is a simple game. It has a minimalist aesthetic and hands off game mechanics, which make the game perfect for casual play. The game is easy to stop playing for a while, but hard to stay away from.

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6 / 10

For those who enjoy a challenging puzzle game that requires a good amount of thinking, then 0rbitalis is worth checking out

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5 / 10.0

Fans of the genre might garner some enjoyment from 0RBITALIS, but a quick descent into a trial and error approach undermines the intricacies of the gameplay, resulting in a fairly bland and repetitive experience. 0RBITALIS' aesthetics are on point, but they alone are not enough to keep me playing for anything more than a few minutes at a time.

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