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Real Heroes: Firefighter

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Feb 25, 2020
Nintendo SwitchNov 27, 2019

Publishers: Golem Entertainment, 612 Entertainment, LLC

Genres: Action, Simulation

Real Heroes: Firefighter gives you a realistic point-of-view experience of the challenges firefighters face. Experience raging infernos and explosive environments in this truly unique action game. Use the firefighter tools of the trade, like axe, hose and saw to rescue survivors and control fires. You take on the role of a new graduate starting out at a big city fire station, gradually learn the tools of the trade and proceed to battle fires and other hazards. Operate the tools of the trade during many hours of gameplay and enjoy beautiful dramatic cinematic scenes. Aim jets of water and pry open doors. Save people and animals from fiery or electrical danger and become a true hero – a real firefighter! - Realistic AI based fire behavior delivers a dangerous, even cunning challenge - Career mode with over 9 levels and many locations - Many realistic tools such as axes and hydraulic spreaders help you to hack down doors and pry apart crushed metal - Phenomenal voice cast, including James Marsters (Buffy), Jack McGee (Rescue Me), Michael Jace (The Shield), Jamie Kennedy (Ghost Whisperer) and Jenette Goldstein (Aliens) - Updated graphics for Nintendo Switch

Real Heroes: Firefighter Reviews

While the concept behind Real Heroes: Firefighter is solid, time has not been kind to the game.

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An all star cast and a lighthearted, almost comedic tone aren’t enough to save Real Heroes: Firefighters from mediocrity on PS4. The fire visual really underline the age of the original game, as does the AI. Among environments that have been spruced up for 2020, it’s quite jarring.

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