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General Information

Available on:PCApr 7, 2020

Developers: Galen Drew, Michael Bell, Badru

Publisher: Ice Water Games

Genre: Adventure

Pattern is a videogame about making videogames, a story about the process of making art. You explore an endless procedurally generated world and discover new environments and surprises around every corner. KEY FEATURES: Endless procedural world filled with broad vistas, towering cliff-sides, and hidden structures. Procedural soundtrack that changes based on your location & what surrounds you. A journal like story about the process of creating art discovered through play. A Day/Night cycle creates bright mornings & stunning sunsets. An in-game camera allowing players to document their journey.

Pattern Reviews

Pattern is a unique game about exploring the mysterious lands around you and learning about the creator's mindset. The visuals are a wonder to look at, especially coupled with the peaceful atmosphere. Unfortunately, there's not much else to do and the appeal wears off after about an hour or so.

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Pattern's blossoming world and ethereal music, forever trapped in a constant state of flux, are pathways to understanding the ambiguous complexion of the creative process. It suggests that ideas can be transitory as it explores the rivalry between indecision and confidence. The limitations are clear, by Pattern's own admission it's a fleeing experience, but with it comes the power to articulate one of the more abstruse processes of the imagination.

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