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General Information

Available on:PCMar 29, 2020
Nintendo SwitchJul 14, 2020
Xbox OneNov 4, 2020

Developer: Skrypious

Publishers: Ultimate Games S.A., Gaming Factory S.A.

Genres: Action, Adventure, RPG

Pangeon is a single player roguelike inspired by dungeon crawler classics. Dive right into a dungeon on a suicide mission to kill all the monsters. Fight your way through to the bottom of the so-called Pangeon - an organization located in a dungeon that we know very little about (well, except the fact it contains something that has the potential to destroy the entire planet Earth) - eliminate the evil, and save the World from a potential tragedy. A mix of many roguelike games combined into a fun (although short) experience +8 levels, various in looks, enemies and loot +10 weapons to use - ranging from daggers, swords and ending on magic staffs, bows, etc.

Pangeon Critic Reviews

Pangeon is simply a bad attempt at trying to capture the nostalgic feel of a classic dungeon crawler. With its lack of attention to detail, gameplay continuity to give confidence to the player, and a design that feels incomplete and uninspired, it struggled to keep my attention.

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Ultimately, I’m here to compare Pangeon to the best version of itself, and figure out if it’s reached its full potential. And it hasn’t, not even as a diversion.

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This is a safe pass for most gamers. The charm wears off fast, and the game is over before you know it.

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