Soul Searching

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchOct 25, 2019
PCFeb 15, 2017

Developer: Kayabros

Publisher: Nakana.i.o

Genres: Adventure, RPG

Sail away from your homeland, visit new islands, discover the stories of their people, and learn about souls. DO IT YOUR WAY The gameplay is about exploring and surviving, alone or as a crew of up to 4 travelers. You must deal with hunger, thirst, energy loss, merciless beasts, and the weather. You can fish, purchase new boats and tools, and even cast magic spells. There is not one correct play style or path to follow. Go where the wind blows and experiment on your own. Can you actually get lost when the journey is the destination?

Soul Searching Reviews

Soul Searchers offers a variety of other features to dabble with. You could play the main story alone, like I did, or you could play with up to three other players. This can be both fun and challenging as there will suddenly be more mouths to feed upon the tiny boat. But I could also imagine it being a lot of fun as someone could be a navigator dedicated to keeping an eye on the map and binoculars whilst someone else could be focused on catching fish and keeping food supplies up. This multiplayer mode isn’t just locked to the story, as there is a random mode that creates randomized islands for you to reach. I think this is a fun mode for those just interested in the survival mechanic of the game. Lastly, there is also a feature where you can play through some “artistic” short stories. They’re pretty experimental, and I wasn’t a total fan, but its worth checking out nonetheless.

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