Tonight We Riot

Pixel Pushers Union 512, Means Interactive
May 5, 2020 - Nintendo Switch, PC
8 / 10
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Tonight We Riot Trailers

Tonight We Riot │ Left Trigger thumbnail

Tonight We Riot │ Left Trigger

Tonight We Riot (LAUNCH TRAILER)│ Means Interactive thumbnail

Tonight We Riot (LAUNCH TRAILER)│ Means Interactive

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Critic Reviews for Tonight We Riot


Unknown Author
8 / 10

For all its Communist coloring, Tonight We Riot is a very stylish, fun and well-presented project. Stylized 8-bit graphics along with hand-drawn violence and powerful music give you a few hours of great immersion.

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This tension between Tonight We Riot’s political ambitions and the limited depth of its systems is a large part of why it feels paradoxically tame. It has taken the mechanics and structure of a traditional beat’em’up and attempted to map them to anti-capitalist revolution, but it hasn’t thoroughly interrogated how those existing mechanics are also a product of capitalism.

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