The Pale City

Kyle Muntz
Mar 19, 2020 - PC
Hey Poor Player
3 / 5
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The Pale City, PC Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Pale City

I enjoyed doing my taxes more than I enjoyed playing this game.

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If you are looking for a semi-open world RPG that doesn’t hold your hand, plays like a very old school title, and will shock you with how revolting it tries to be, you might actually like The Pale City. If you’re an avid bookworm who mostly enjoys a story aid over a fully-fleshed out game, I can see this being right up your alley — as long as you enjoy the macabre. For anyone else expecting Baldur’s Gate or the like, consider watching a let’s play before making the purchase, and that advice goes double if you have a short attention span.

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