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Crumbling World

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General Information

Available on:PCMay 21, 2020

Developer: Dani Marti

Publisher: Dume Arts

Genres: Action, RPG

In this procedurally generated world, no two playthroughs will ever be the same. As you progress, the ground will crumble underneath you; pushing forward is your only option. From your first faltering steps in The Fields to a dark descent into The Dungeons, take back control of your world and bring peace to the land at last - if you’re up to the quest. Choose a combat class to suit you and fight off an onslaught of corrupted enemies while levelling up and upgrading your abilities in a quest to save the world. Your build will determine your success, so pay close attention to your selections. The wrong decision could be the difference between saving the world, or perishing along with it. Knight Merek and his beloved sister Krea were abandoned at birth and discovered by Sadon, a blacksmith renowned for the quality of his forging, who took them into his home. Both were driven to become lethal warriors, ready to take on the evils of the Crumbling World. Wizard Hadrian is a powerful magician, with a background as mysterious as his powers. Legend has it he has been present to help humanity since the beginning of time. When humanity lost all hope, he took refuge in the hidden forests of Ysellian. Thea, daughter of Hadrian, inherited her father’s magical powers. Unlike her father, she never lost hope in humanity. Now more than ever she is determined to do anything that could help to save the last remnants of humanity. Archer Jarin, the descendant of the illustrious Elf Dynasty, has always wished he was human. His weakness and physical imperfections led him to believe that he would fit in better with humanity than the superior and elite race of Elves. However, his rigorous and demanding training allowed him to become a fearsome archer - his precision and ability to fire multiple arrows with a single shot make him especially dangerous. Brute Berinon is a giant dwarf - a truly rare aberration of his species. Sadly, he never found his place among any of the races on Earth. His prowess in combat has made him a great and welcomed ally in any battle. Skilled with the ax, he is trained in the art of killing. Creature The Creature is the rarest of all species that inhabit the Earth. This Son of Nature is feared for its size, rocky appearance, and supernatural strength. Legend says that despite this strength, his most fearsome attribute is his ability to bend the forces of nature at his will. Choose between 7 characters, spanning 5 different classes Do battle with over 40 types of unique enemies and bosses. Explore 5 crumbling procedurally-generated regions. Three difficulty levels - pick which suits you best, or battle through all three to prove your worth. Engage in hack & slash inspired real-time combat. Fully customise your character build with flexible skills and upgrades.

Crumbling World Reviews

Crumbling World is an utter disappointment. What appears to be an exciting experiment or possible indie gem turns out to be quite the opposite.

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So overall, in just the last six months Crumbling World has come a long way and I’m impressed with the current result. With different character classes offering different approaches to combat while the ground falls out from under your feet, there’s a nice challenge to it all making it more than just another Hack & Slash to go through.

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