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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 9, 2020
PlayStation 4Jun 9, 2020
PCMay 3, 2019

Developer: Nexile

Publisher: Ukiyo Publishing

Genres: Adventure, Platformer

”Tactical Leaping Adventure - Jump King: There is a Smoking Hot Babe at the Top!” is a platforming challenge about struggling upwards in search of the legendary Smoking Hot Babe! This lonely adventure to reach The Top will demand your full mastery of the technique of jumping. Just try to remember that with each fall there is a lesson to be learned... Gameplay -Prepare for true high-stakes platforming! The only way forward is up, and your only enemy is yourself! Tension rises with each jump when a single mistake means a long fall - and you have to get back up again yourself... -Hold to charge and release to leap away! The seemingly simple act of jumping will take much practice to master. -Use your mind before you jump! The obvious path is sometimes not the best, and once you are in the air there is no turning back...

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Although frustrating and oppressive by design, Jump King brings a level of satisfaction in victory rarely found in gaming. The varied level design and sheer amount of content within will provide hours of falling for those with the patience to continue.

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The simple but captivating visual and audio design combined with the thoughtful level structure makes Jump King one of the toughest but most entertaining games I have played all year.

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There's a lot to be said for keeping it simple, and this game is a testament to that. Jump King only tries to do one thing, but it does it so incredibly well without compromising the challenge.

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Jump King comes together as a totally competent platformer with enjoyably simple mechanics, where the only major downside comes in with why the game was made in the first place. Designing a game in which the point is to have the player repeatedly fail, forcing several restarts, is inherently not a good way to go about things, but if you can take it as a personal challenge between yourself and the game, then this platformer offers one of the more unique experiences on the Nintendo Switch.

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