Seeds of Resilience

Subtle Games, Forever Entertainment, Goblinz Studio, Maple Whispering Limited

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Seeds of Resilience

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General Information

Available on:Nintendo SwitchJun 11, 2020
PCJun 13, 2019

Developer: Subtle Games

Publishers: Forever Entertainment, Goblinz Studio, Maple Whispering Limited

Genres: Simulation, Strategy, Survival

Build a village on a deserted island, and prepare for merciless natural disasters! Learn to choose the right items, understand nature's patterns, use real medieval construction and craft techniques in this turn-based management game. Build your civilization step-by-step: From stone axes and stick shelters to waterwheel powered mechanized workshops! All with realistic technologies and constructions. FEATURES - Turn based: Take all the time you need to plan your actions. When you're done, end turn and start a new day. - Detailed building construction: Choose natural resources according to their properties. Use them to craft the materials needed to assemble a building. - Realistic medieval construction and craft techniques. Everything could be made in real life the same way. - Observe the environment response to human activity. Maybe you should avoid fishing everyday at the same spot or cut down the whole forest. - Survive in a harsh environment where storms and other natural disasters occur way too often.

Seeds of Resilience Critic Reviews

My friends give me a hard time since I find fairly mundane tasks to be relaxing. I was well suited to this title as this game is filled with the repetitive job of survival. You harvest items, cut down trees, build shelter. A storm comes through and blows your shelter down. You build it again. You run out of a needed resource, and can’t figure out how to progress, so you reset and try again. Fail better next time. How much play and enjoyment you get out of this game depends on how appealing that sort of strategy of survival scenario sounds to you. Personally, once I got around the slightly frustrating learning curve, I’ve found this game to be excellent to play while listening to podcasts, or a TV show you’re only half watching. I suspect for most people it will be one to only grab on sale, as your mileage may vary on how interesting you find it.

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If you love this genre, then I’m sure that you are already taken by the idea of a desert island survival game. If you are sitting on the fence, then I can confidently say that most gamers will enjoy their time with this classic take on a turn-based survival game. The graphics and audio won’t be for everyone, but the challenge of the gameplay, and the freedom of the sandbox mode more than make up for this. So, with all things considered, do I recommend you play this? I do! It ticks so many boxes, and though there are a few minor frustrations, these do not stand in the way of what is fundamentally a solid game with an excellent concept. Can you and your band of hapless survivors live off the land, and do enough to make it home? Only time will tell!

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