Polyfox, Polyfox
May 10, 2019 - Nintendo Switch, PC
7 / 10
Video Chums
4 / 5
The Thirsty Mage
7 / 10
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Locomotion Media

Locomotion - Game Trailer -  Nintendo Switch | AWVN thumbnail

Locomotion - Game Trailer - Nintendo Switch | AWVN

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Critic Reviews for Locomotion

Locomotion doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table, but its clever level design and pick-up-and-play nature make it a great option for puzzle fans and those who are looking for an experience they can share with younger or more casual players. More color or visual flair would have added to the package, and it would have been nice to skip puzzles you get stuck on to advance to the next stage. Overall, though, Locomotion is a solid 3D puzzle title that is good for a few hours of train-based entertainment.

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I have a big soft spot for trains and puzzle games and Locomotion combines both into a very innovative and enjoyable campaign.

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Locomotion is a very well crafted puzzle game. Packed full with humour and it’s very enjoyable to solve puzzles that really do leave you with a sense of accomplishment upon completing them. You can see the love developers Polyfox have put into their game as you play through it and they should be proud they have made such a cute, enjoyable experience for the player. Locomotion is priced very reasonably in the eShop and I see no reason whatsoever not to roll this super entertaining puzzle game on to your Nintendo Switch to let of some steam with Locomotion. That leaves me only one thing to say, my score for Locomotion is…. a choo choo fantastic…

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Locomotion may not be reinventing the wheel, but does serve as a wonderful addition to the current catalogue of puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch. The calm background music adds to the pleasant and serene vibes that radiate from the screen, providing a decent escape if you’ve had a particularly frustrating day.

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