Pokemon Home Has Officially Launched

Pokemon Home Has Officially Launched

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Pokemon Home is now live on the Nintendo eShop.

Trainers will now be able download and utilize Pokemon Home. Those who download the app right now will receive a Pikachu. Introduced in Pokemon Home is a new version of Professor Oak, whose name if Grand Oak. This version of Oak features long hair and goofy glasses. Now that the app is live, players will be able to transfer 35 previously unavailable Pokemon into Sword and Shield. The full list can be seen here, and includes a number of Legendaries, as well as some of the starters from previous games.

Pokemon Home will allow players to transfer their Pokemon from Sword and Shield, the Let's Play titles, and Pokemon Go in order to be stored in the cloud-based app. At the moment, Home will not support Pokemon Go, with compatibility for the mobile title coming at a later date. In Home, players will be able to store and trade Pokemon, as well as use other features like the ability to see how strong a Pokemon is. The app will also be the new home for the Global Trading System.

There will be both free and premium versions of Pokemon Home. The basic plan, which is the free version, allows players to store up to 30 Pokemon, and sets limitations on the trading aspect of the app. The basic plan allows players to participate Room Trades, but does not allow them to create their own rooms. The premium version of Pokemon Home will give trainers better access to the all of the app's features, and includes a few extra perks. The plans are $2.99 for one month, $4.99 for three months, and $15.99 for a year.

To commemorate the release of Pokemon Home, Pokemon Bank, which served as the storage app for the 3DS titles, will be free for trainers for up to a month.

Pokemon Home can be downloaded onto the Nintendo Switch. The app will be coming to Android and iOS devices at a later date.

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