The Call of Duty Movie Is On Hold, Says Director

The Call of Duty Movie Is On Hold, Says Director

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While Call of Duty remains an annual juggernaut in the gaming world, it seems its move to the big screen is on indefinite hold. That news comes from the director of the planned Call of Duty movie, Stefano Sollima who says despite a script being completed, Activision does not view the project as a priority and thus it has "stood still" for a while, apparently with no end in sight.

Speaking to Bad Taste, an Italian entertainment outlet, Sollima revealed the script is co-written by himself and Joker's writer, Scott Silver, but that suddenly attractive prospect hasn't moved Activision to want to resume the project.

"Well, the Call of Duty film has remained a bit like this ... We wrote the script with Scott Silver, which is who wrote Joker, and let's say that the idea of ​​expanding the universe, the world of Call of Duty to film, it is no longer at the moment an industrial priority of the group, of Activision ... So, trivially, it has stood still, which happens quite frequently there in America."

Sollima doesn't seem pleased about it, but neither is he really expressing anger. It comes off more like frustration or disappointment. He may believe as Activision at least did long ago, that the series has enough merits to transition to film, especially if it seeks to establish some of its most famous characters - Captain Price would be worth it for the mustache alone.

The Call of Duty movie joins a long line of video game adaptations that either never get off the ground or crash and burn upon release, and we're not sure which is worse, to be honest. For now, don't hold your breath for this one to ever see the light of day, though you can spend your Call of Duty fan energy on its incoming Warzone battle royale instead.

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