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Doom Eternal Review Embargo Details

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You won't have to wait much longer for Doom Eternal reviews to start coming into OpenCritic, as we've got the details on when the Doom Eternal embargo drops. 

Set your clocks to check out the game page at 7 am Pacific / 10 am Eastern on March 17 for all of the latest reviews as they come in. Take a moment to predict the score you think the game will have here, as well!

It wasn't that long ago that we learned the Doom Eternal battle pass-like cosmetic system will be entirely free. Expectations were that players could buy into the game's cosmetics tree, but other than a pre-order bonus, Bethesda has said everything in the game will be earned, not purchased. Yes, this even includes the absurd Doomicorn armor set that will have you severing limbs and shotgunning demons while looking more magical than ever. 

If you're curious about what sites have said about Doom Eternal so far, check out the previews below: 

Time had very positive thoughts about the game, calling it "the most pure form of Doom ever."

TechRadar echoed those sentiments, saying it's "shaping up to be one hell of a sequel."

Polygon likened it to "Evil Dead 2 made on an Avengers-sized budget."

Few outlets have had anything to say about the game that was less than optimistic and glowing. Doom Eternal will be released on March 20 for Xbox One, PS4, Stadia, and PC. Currently, users are predicting that the score for Doom Eternal will land around an 89, which on OpenCritic's Review Scale makes it Mighty. Get your prediction in before the Doom Eternal embargo drops!

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