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Report: Sony May Finally Reveal PS5 Games Next Week

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Sony may finally reveal the PS5 as early as next week, according to a new report. The company's plans remain in flux amid the ongoing pandemic, but right now the date is set for June 3.

The report comes from Bloomberg's Jason Schreier and Takashi Mochizuki. Schreier previously made a career out of major scoops like this at Kotaku, but recently left to join the Bloomberg team. Today's report marks his first major breaking news since his transition.

The digital event will be used to showcase games and is not expected to cover "every essential detail" of the new console. One detail that remains a major question mark is the console's price. Sony has previously reported to be struggling to keep production costs down, which some speculate may result in the company either selling the PS5 with a unsightly price tag this fall or taking a loss per unit sold. It's understood that Sony and Microsoft are engaged in a game of corporate chicken, with neither side wanting to commit to a price point only to be undercut the other.

Microsoft's first-party games event is scheduled for some time in July, though we may not have to wait until then to hear more about the Xbox Series X itself. Calling its rollout of next-gen plans "Xbox 20/20, Microsoft has promised major news regarding the Series X, Game Pass, and Project xCloud every month until the launch of the system, still tentatively scheduled for this fall. Sony still plans to release the PS5 this holiday season as well, and it was previously reported by Bloomberg that Sony is unwilling to move out of that launch window unless Microsoft moves first.

If the PS5 digital games showcase is going to happen next week, we should find out from an official source soon.

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