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Solium Infernum

League of Geeks
Feb 22, 2024 - PC

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IGN Spain
9 / 10
God is a Geek
9 / 10
Windows Central
4 / 5
85 / 100
The Games Machine
8.4 / 10
9 / 10
Slant Magazine
4.5 / 5
9.3 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Solium Infernum

Solium Infernum brings its own unique take on turn-based strategy, not so much in substance as in form, but in an equally satisfying way. Its strong focus on gameplay based on political and diplomatic decisions gives it a unique flavour that shines especially in its multiplayer aspect.

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Solium Infernum is one of the most exciting and enjoyable strategy games of recent years, offering a fresh approach to the board game genre.

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Solium Infernum does a great job capturing the machinations of Hell's denizens in a fun strategy game that doesn't overstay its welcome. Amazing artwork and some unique mechanics help it to shine, though some tedious systems drag the pace down in longer games.

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The original 2009 Solium Infernum was a unique take on turn-based strategy. League of Geeks’ 2024 update preserves and polishes what should have been a familiar classic. Solium Infernum is a complex game more about politics, double dealing and uneasy alliances than fights on the battlefield, though there are those, too. This is a game that might be too dense for more casual players, but patient strategy gamers are in for a treat and a good, long season in hell.

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Solium Infernum is a turn-based strategy game dedicated to board game lovers, with a very evocative setting that opens the door to epic battles between hordes of demons. Although there is no shortage of clashes, the lion's share goes to the managerial component, with a very careful management of diplomatic aspects. Difficulty and duration of the matches are widely customizable, but always taking into account a specific target of players, which is certainly not the casual audience. One of the best representatives of its kind, whose only obvious flaw is the miniatures of the Archdemons, which are really too amateurish.

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Solium Infernum regards strategy as a game of intellect, patience, and observation. Put into those terms, it might sound dry, but its visual flair combined with the ingenious ways it turns abstract ideas into tangible, comprehensible, and thrilling game mechanics make it irresistibly playable.

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Solium Infernum already has its fans, but more so than the original, it feels as if this remake, given its extremely specific brand of prolonged negotiations and conniving, will live and die by whether it grows that dedicated audience. Perhaps the greatest compliment I can pay Solium Infernum is that I very much hope it finds one so I can play more of it.

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Solium Infernum is a truly satisfying political strategy game with a ton of unique systems to allow you to scheme and backstab to your heart's content.

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