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SaGa Emerald Beyond

Square Enix
Apr 25, 2024 - PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch

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SaGa Emerald Beyond - Demo Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

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SaGa Emerald Beyond – Diva Trailer

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『SaGa Emerald Beyond』TGS trailer

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Critic Reviews for SaGa Emerald Beyond

This is a game that wants you to tinker and fail, before you “get it”. It’s also a game explicitly designed to be different every time you pick it up. With its disregard for convention and disinterest in “quality of life” guidelines, you could have a rough start. But there’s so much going on under the hood, so much charm in its presentation and fearlessness in its design, it’s easy to recommend even to folks who might be looking at me like a weirdo right now. SaGa Emerald Beyond comes with caveats like any other JRPG that isn’t the usual Final Fantasy or Persona blockbuster, but those caveats are in service of an experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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SaGa Emerald Beyond is a fun experience with new mechanics and many ways to play. With five different characters with their own stories, it's a fun time to run around fighting a flurry of monsters, demons, and more. While things might get a bit repetitive at times, many will find it a blast trying out the different formations, United Attacks, and more.

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It's hard not to suspect that deciding to put SaGa Emerald Beyond onto mobile gaming platforms hurt the game in many ways. From its lackluster art style, to a bevy of mostly un-engaging characters, the few hints of that Square Enix touch can't be found anywhere except within the cinematic combat moments and the length of the story overall. While interesting combat can carry a game a long way, there isn't enough of it to satisfy the majority of users. There will be some players who don't mind the pages and pages of dialogue, and won't care about the seemingly made-for-mobile art styles, but it's hard not to see these dragging SaGa Emerald Beyond down towards mediocrity and below.

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All in all, SaGa Emerald Beyond is a conversation between the player and the worlds it contains. Its presentation is far from perfect, but I’d rather something flawed and interesting than perfect and boring. And SaGa Emerald Beyond is certainly not boring.

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SaGa is a niche series and Emerald Beyond does nothing to prove otherwise: the combat system deepens those JRPG mechanics that had already emerged in previous chapters and that are consolidated here, thanks to a strategic component that makes the clashes more fascinating.

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SaGa Emerald Beyond has a deep and satisfying combat system that gets its hooks into you from the jump. There's a lot of narrative content across its five adventures, as well as a diverse collection of characters, but very little that truly grips the attention.

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SaGa Emerald Beyond is a bold celebration of the series' past and present, warts and all.

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There really isn’t anything else like a SaGa game, and you will get your SaGa fix with SaGa Emerald Beyond.

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