The Last of Us Part II Will Have a Day One Patch That Will Add a Photo Mode and More

The Last of Us Part II Will Have a Day One Patch That Will Add a Photo Mode and More

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It seems that The Last of Us Part II will have a day one patch.

According to GearNuke, a patch for The Last of Us Part II will be ready when the game releases in less than a couple of weeks. The patch will include general bug fixes and improvements, as well as additional accessibility options. The patch will also add a number of new features. This includes a Photo Mode, Concept Art Gallery, and Model Viewer. There is no word on any of these features will work within the game. 

An HBO adaptation of The Last of Us is in the works, and we now know who will be directing "at least" the first episode. Johan Renck, who directed all five episodes of Chernobyl and earned an Emmy for his work, has been signed on to direct the first episode of The Last of Us. While we now have a director, there is still no word on who will play Joel and Ellie in the TV show. The show's co-creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin have hinted at the fact that the series will follow the video games somewhat closely, stating that Ellie's sexuality will be a part of her character in the show. The series will not go into production until the Last of Us Part II is released, though the effects of COVID-19 could cause a delay. 

Last week an extended commercial for The Last of Us Part II was released. The commercial starts with Ellie serenading her lover Dina at a campfire, but then takes a twist. The commercial cuts to Ellie trying to escape from human pursuers, as well as a group of the infected. Through the commercial, we get the sense of urgency and emotion that will likely be a big part of the upcoming game. We see what Ellie will be dealing with, and the choices she will have to make. 

The Last of Us Part II will release for the PlayStation 4 on June 19th. Reviews for the game will start releasing on June 12th, so stay tuned to OpenCritic to see how the game fares. 

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