Square Enix to Announce New Games in the Coming Months

Square Enix to Announce New Games in the Coming Months

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It seems Square Enix has a few titles up its sleeve. 

At a recent stockholders meeting, it was revealed that Square Enix will be announcing multiple titles soon, particularly in July and August. During a question-and-answer from the meeting (translated by Gematsu), it was revealed that Square Enix does have plans this summer despite there being no E3:

"We would normally announce new games at E3, yes. We had planned to have a press conference as a replacement event, but were unable to do so since assets were not complete. We'll be announcing new titles individually as the timing permits. Several will debut around July to August." 

Square Enix has already made a few announcements in recent times. Last week, the company announced a Kingdom Hearts rhythm game entitled Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory. A trailer was released, showing characters from the series' storied history taking out heartless to the beat of many popular Disney songs. The game will feature 140 songs, and a story line that focuses on Kairi. Earlier this month, during the PlayStation 5 reveal event, Square Enix revealed a game currently going by the title Project Athia. According to the stream, Project Athia is being built for the PlayStation 5. Screen writer Gary Whitta did reveal on Twitter that he led a team of A-list writers from film, games, and fantasy literature in order to create the universe of Project Athia.

The latest big Square Enix release was Final Fantasy VII Remake. The game met positive reviews from critics, and was April's top downloaded game for the PlayStation 4. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be an episodic affair, with the recent release only being the first part. Square Enix has stated that they are currently working on the second episode, but have not said when we can expect it to release. 

Stay tuned to see what Square Enix reveals in the next few months. 

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